Work: Passion for the World and Humanity

From 1st to 7th August a conference entitled “WORK: PASSION FOR THE WORLD AND HUMANITY” was held in Dobbiaco – at the “Casa per ferie Europa”.

The event was organized by the Council of the Institute. About 20 people participated in person and several others, from Brazil, India, Malta and Poland participated online.

Professor Roberto Rossini (national president of ACLI) presented a reflection on the relationship between work and vocation. Work serves to fulfil the person who must make use of his talents. He is called to carry out his work in view of the changes going on in the world. After emphasising that “work must produce men before things”, the speaker offered other insights about the impact of this pandemic on the world of work and the inequalities present on our planet, recalling the hope of Pope Francis, namely that everyone must have access to the three T’s: land (Terra), roof (Tetto), work (Trabajo).

The second speaker, Maria Rosa Zamboni, focused her reflection on work as memory and prophecy, emphasising the necessity to find a balance between work and the holistic needs of the person who works, at what is produced, at the conditions of work and the rediscovering of the importance of manual work.

Finally, the third speaker, Fr. Giuseppe Ghitti, addressed the theme of work and prayer found in some texts of Pope Francis, underlining how, for the laity, the motto of St. Benedict must be reversed (“Labora et ora”) (“Work and pray”). Feeling good in one’s work in the world is already a prayer.

The conference ended with several women from different nations giving their testimonies of work. Then followed a walk together in the woods of the Dolomites.